This Iconic venue famed for anti-Establishment is making an inspirational return. Creative free thinkers, incredible Soho people who are making indelible dents on the world are welcome at the new Establishment.  Think mavericks sipping a rum cocktail in the corner table on the very site that 60’s icons Keeler bringing the glamour, Frost the discernment and Cook the Wit.

Producing High-quality drinks and paying homage to the history and craft of cocktail making but with modern twists for the discerning pallet. This level of excellence will be achieved by using superior ingredients curated, blended and served by highly trained hospitality obsessives.


“One of the ways to avoid being beaten by the system is to laugh at it.”
― Peter Cook



The Establishment is forward-thinking inquisitive yet reflective.
Discovery is an essential part of progress and progress is the profit of discovery.

Special Events

Bringing people together through events that entertainment and on occasions educate is a real passion and central to The Establishment

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